February “LIST”

 Summer dress, Long skirts & palazzo pants
 Shorts, sandals & bathing suits
 Exercise wear, golf, cycling, hiking footwear & clothing
 Lululemon
 Ladies’ quality clothing for our boutique (L.C Fashions)
 Jewelry, purses, wallets, belts (No limit on amount)
 Trades clothing & footwear, Scrubs….

 Short sleeved shirts, golf, Hawaiian & T-shirts
 Lululemon
 Golf, cycling, hiking footwear & clothing.
 Sweatpants, shorts, sandals & bathing suits
 Trades clothing & footwear. e.g. Carhartt, Dickies…

In addition to your 40, add these: Jewelry, belts, hats, ties. Ski/Snowboard jackets, pants & Thermal underwear, sorel style boots & gloves. Western boots & hats.
Tuesday & Thursday 10:30 – 3:30 Closed holidays. Limit of 1 drop-off per month!

This “List” can be used after you have done your first drop-off, established clients only!

When you drop off clothing on this “LIST” reminder that they still needs to be hung on wire hangers & labeled with you member #. We do not permit hanging or numbering of clothing in the store or parking lot.
Wire hangers can be picked up in advance if needed, any clothing brought to us on plastic or wooden hangers may be turned away.

Thank you for respecting our policies.