July “List”

40 Items MAX once a month.
No appointment is needed for these items!

All Ski/Snowboard jackets, pants, gloves & goggle.
Get them in now!

Ladies (0-5X)
 All tops, summer dresses (maxi) and yes, sweaters!
 Lululemon + Hiking, running footwear & clothing.
 Light jackets, Blazers & Denim jackets.
 Western boots, hats & denim shorts.
 Jewelry, purses, wallets, belts (No limit on amount)
 Trades clothing & footwear, Scrubs….
 Ladies PLUS size clothing 14-5X

 Lululemon + hiking, running footwear & clothing.
 All shirts, including sweaters & Light Jackets.
 Shorts, sweatpants & jeans.
 Trades clothing & footwear e.g. Carhartt, Dickies…
 Western boots, hats, Jeans & denim jackets

Kids, All clothing size 6 -up. Kids basic tops & pants will be purchased @ .25 each. Items that we feel can be sold for $10 or more will be consigned.

We need Boys suits, these will be consigned.

All Ski/Snowboard jackets, pants, gloves & goggles.

Get them in now!
In addition to your 40, add these:
Backpacks, Jewelry, belts, hats, ties. Ski/Snowboard jackets & pants, thermal underwear, sorel style boots & gloves.

Tuesday & Thursday 10:30 – 3:30 Closed holidays. Limit of 1 drop-off per month!